How To Find A "Hungry Market" Of Buyers Wanting To Throw Money At You.


By Noel Peebles

Make no mistake; there are literally thousands of potential tightly niched "hungry markets" out there.
Markets abound! People are ready and waiting to throw money at you.

Your first job is to find a "hungry market" - and discover what it is the market wants.
Then, and only then, do you consider what kind of products or services you might be able to supply to that market.

A quick tip! We all want things that are quicker and easier. We all want solutions to problems.
Maybe you could start by helping people to save time and money. Help them avoid learning something the hard way. How? You do the research and sell the
results. The more helpful the information, the higher the price you command.

Here are some good places to start your market research.

Firstly, find out what are the best selling non-fiction book titles at

This should be a good pointer to what's hot and what's not. People are paying money to buy these books, so maybe you could tap into one of these tightly niched markets.

Another idea is to use the keyword suggestion tool from - it’s the most popular pay-per-click search engine on the net...

Simply enter a keyword relating to the ideas you have in mind. In one easy click, the search term suggestion tool will tell you how many times that keyword was searched on. It will also reveal the number of times related keywords were searched on.

Or you could go to http://www.wordspot.comand have a Top 200 keywords report sent to you.

Why bother doing this? Because, the popularity of keywords could be a good market indicator for you. If you discover a few thousand or more combined monthly searches on keywords, it could signify intense (possibly unfulfilled) interest in a subject. If this is directly related to what you plan to sell, then you may have discovered your "hungry market."

Next, using your favorite search engine, check out some of those same keywords. Visit the sites that appear to be selling related products/services, or offering related advice.

Do a bit of detective work - maybe start by emailing the website owners to ask some simple questions. Gather every fact, statistic, every article, every successful ad created by someone else selling to your market.

Also go to  where you can subscribe to some discussion lists relating to your chosen subject. Keep a watch to see what people are constantly asking questions about.
Ask your own questions to find out their needs,wants, frustrations and desires.

The key then, is to develop a 'oneness' for your market. Only then, can you satisfy the
market’s most urgent, most emotive, most ardent eeds, wants and desires. Only then can you reate a product to be a cure for someones pain.

Guess what? Suddenly the question of product ecomes easy when you start with the needs, wats, desires and frustrations of a hungry market."

Good hunting!

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